A control unit of the cold-cathode thyratron with a high pulse repetition rate

V. S. Esipov, E. I. Lukonin, A. V. Stepanov

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A compact high-voltage pulse generator is designed for control of TDI thyratrons in grounded-cathode thyratron-switching circuits. The unit is the part of the pulse voltage generator for charging a double forming line of the frequency electron accelerator. The unit is controlled from the GZI-6 external generator with a maximal repetition rate of 50 s−1. The unit produces negative-polarity firing voltage pulses with a ∼18-kV/μs rate of pulse rise and allows one to fire simultaneously two TDI4-100k/75PD thyratrons. The scatter of amplitudes of currents of thyratrons, connected in parallel without additional current-dividing circuits, does not exceed 1%. The efficiency factor of the control unit is approximately 85%. The active elements of the control unit are the thyristor and the TGI-500/16 low-power pulse hydrogen thyratron.

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