A compact high current generator for X-ray radiography

B. M. Kovalchuk, A. V. Kharlov, V. B. Zorin

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    X-generator was designed for small scale experiments with imploding liners, especially X-pinches. The generator consists of the capacitor bank, multi-channel multi-gap spark switch, flat current buses, load chamber and built-in high voltage triggering generator. The capacitor bank consists of 12 General Atomics 35404 type capacitors (20 nF, 25nH, 0.2 Ohm, 100 kV). It stores ∼ 0.8 kJ at 80 kV charging voltage. Each three capacitors are commuted to a load by multi-gap spark switch, which is able to commute by 8 parallel channels. Switches operate in ambient air at atmospheric pressure. The X-generator was tested with 5 and 10.5 nH inductive loads. At 76 kV charging voltage the generator provides ∼260 kA with 120 ns risetime with 5 nH inductive load and ∼220 kA with 145 ns risetime with 10.5 nH. Delay of output pulse relatively to high voltage triggering pulse was 65 ns with 5 ns jitter ( at 76 kV charging voltage). Dimensions of the generator are 1240×1240×225 mm 3 and weight is ∼ 250 kg, so it could be easily employed for variety of applications.

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