A "capacitor" model of the hysteresis of tunneling current in w-GaN/AlGaN(0001) structures

A. N. Razzhuvalov, S. N. Grinyaev

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A "capacitor" model of the hysteresis is developed using the self-consistent calculation of the tunneling current in a w-GaN/AlGaN(0001) double-barrier structure. In the framework of this model, the current jumps and changes in the potential and the electric field in the structure upon transition from one branch of the current loop to the other branch are considered a result of the recharging of two joined capacitors with the plates located at the positions of the extrema of variations in the electron density in the regions of the emitter, the quantum well, and the collector. It is demonstrated that, when the external and internal fields in the quantum well compensate for each other, the tunneling current is sharply and irreducibly switched to the characteristics of the other resonance and forms a wide hysteresis loop so that, in the branches of this loop, the charge is redistributed between the quantum well and the collector. If the fields coincide with each other, there arises a narrow "singleresonance" hysteresis loop, which is accompanied by the transfer of the electron charge from the emitter to the collector. The developed model leads to agreement with the results of the self-consistent calculations and provides an illustrative interpretation of the complex electron tunneling processes.

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