A 1-MV, 1-MA, 0.1-Hz linear transformer driver utilizing an internal water transmission line

K. LeChien, M. Mazarakis, W. Fowler, W. Stygar, F. Long, R. McKee, G. Natoni, J. Porter, K. Androlewicz, T. Chavez, G. Feltz, V. Garcia, D. Guthrie, R. Mock, T. Montoya, J. Puissant, A. Smith, P. Wakeland, K. Ward, D. Van De ValdeA. Kim

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    Sandia National Laboratories is investigating linear transformer driver (LTD) architecture as a potential replacement of conventional Marx generator based pulsed power systems. Such systems have traditionally been utilized as the primary driver for z-pinch wire-array experiments, radiography, inertial fusion energy (IFE) concepts, and dynamic materials experiments (i.e. ICE). We are developing a 10-cavity LTD voltage adder that has a nominal 1-MV, 1-MA, 1-TW output pulse with a 10 - 90% rise-time of ∼60-ns and FWHM of ∼150-ns into an optimized impedance load (when synchronizing the triggering of cavities for maximum current). The driver and the peripheral systems are designed for a repetition rate of 6-shots per minute for short intervals. The driver utilizes an internal water insulated transmission line. This system will be utilized for system level conceptual development for many applications, specifically rep-rate and precision pulse-shaping applications. We shall first implement a 1-MA, 0.2-MV, 0.1-Hz 2-cavity voltage adder that will be operational in early 2010 followed by expansion to a 10-cavity system in late 2010. The 2-cavity system is described in this manuscript.

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