E. G. Gal', V. N. Eponeshnikov, N. A. Lashuk

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    The microtron with external injection is intended for use as an injector of polarized electrons into a synchrotron and for solid-state research. A septum magnet, joined to ferromagnetic channels, is used to introduce the beam into the microtron. Injection into the resonator takes place near its axis. We demonstrate that acceleration is possible during modeling with unpolarized electrons. A current of 20 mA was obtained in a pulse at an energy of 6. 5 MeV and a capture coefficient of 10%.

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    Страницы (с-по)18-21
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    ЖурналInstruments and experimental techniques New York
    Номер выпуска1 pt 1
    СостояниеОпубликовано - янв 1985

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    Gal', E. G., Eponeshnikov, V. N., & Lashuk, N. A. (1985). 6. 5-MeV MICROTRON WITH EXTERNAL INJECTION. Instruments and experimental techniques New York, 28(1 pt 1), 18-21.