4D, N = 1 Born-Infeld supergravity

S. James Gates, Sergei V. Ketov

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We propose the four-dimensional (4D), N = 1 supergravitational analogues (avatars) of the 4D, N = 1 supersymmetric Born-Infeld action in four dimensions for the first time, by using superspace. In particular, a new Born-Infeld type generalization of the Weyl supergravity action is given. A natural new Born-Infeld type generalization of the Einstein supergravity is found as well. We also briefly discuss a construction of the 4D Born-Infeld-Einstein supergravity from the AdS supergravity in five dimensions, which seems to be very natural in our approach.

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ЖурналClassical and Quantum Gravity
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