4-kW multi-phase battery powered power supply

Andrey V. Ponomarev, S. R. Korzhenevskiy, A. A. Komarskiy, A. S. Chepusov, Y. I. Mamontov, S. V. Ponomarev

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A method was developed for building the powerful battery power supplies. Using the method, the battery power supply with a 4 kW max power and up to 93% efficiency was developed to supply the "Yasen" X-ray apparatus. Two 60 A•h series-connected starter lead-acid batteries were used as a primary power supply. A DC output voltage of the source is stable over the entire power range and equals to 310 V. The power supply is based on a 5-phase HF-inverter. There is no difficulty in designing such power supplies with different power outputs. It can be done by the increasing or the decreasing number of phases (of inverter channels). This approach is not limited by the increased number of the inverter channels. The maximum output power will be determined by the battery characteristics only. The power supply is mounted on a mobile trolley, to increase the mobility of the entire set of equipment. The unit dimensions are 410×320×440, the weight is about 40 kg. The unit is forced air-cooled. A power operating mode is short and periodic.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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