2D Synchrotron Radiation Interferometer for Measuring the Transverse Dimensions of an Electron Beam in a Circular Accelerator

A. I. Novokshonov, A. P. Potylitsyn, G. Kube

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In the majority of cases, modern systems for measuring the transverse profile of the electron beam in storage rings of synchrotron type work in the x-ray range in order to overcome the resolution limit imposed by diffraction. In conjunction with devices of this type, use is frequently made of a synchrotron radiation interferometer operating in the visible wavelength range. With the help of such an interferometer, consisting of a screen with two slits (1D interferometer), it is possible to measure the transverse dimension down to a few micrometers. 1D interferometers are widely used in circular accelerators throughout the world, including a PETRA III (DESY) storage ring, where such an interferometer is used to determine the vertical dimension of the beam. It is proposed to use a 2D interferometer, consisting of a screen with four circular holes, making it possible to measure the vertical and horizontal dimensions simultaneously.

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