Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat deployed in outer space

  • Petr Savelievich Chubik
  • Sergey Grigorievich Psakhie

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    Thursday, August 17, at 18:10 MSK the launch of Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite from the outer space of the International Space Station took place. TPU satellite is the Russia’s first 3D-printed spacecraft. During 5 months it will keep in touch with the Earth and the Student Flight Control Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

    Период18 авг 2017

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    Материалы СМИ

    • ЗаголовокTomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat deployed in outer space
      Степень признанияInternational
      Имя средства информации/СМИTPU News
      СтранаРоссийская Федерация
      Дата публикации18.8.17
      ПерсоныPetr Savelievich Chubik, Sergey Grigorievich Psakhie