Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering (Журнал)

Semiletov, I. P. (Reviewer), Zavorin, A. S. (Reviewer), A. P. Il ’ In (Reviewer), Valery Vasilievich Korobochkin (Reviewer), Korshunov, A. V. (Reviewer), Kochegurov, A. (Reviewer), Muravyov, S. V. (Reviewer), Nikitenkov, N. N. (Reviewer), Roman Vyacheslavovich Ostvald (Reviewer), Pestryakov, A. N. (Reviewer), Leonid Petrovich Rikhvanov (Reviewer), Silkin, V. M. (Reviewer), Spitsyn, V. G. (Reviewer), Ulenikov, O. N. (Reviewer), Stepan L`vovich Shvartsev (Reviewer)

    Деятельность: Редакторская деятельность

    Период2017 → …
    Тип журналаЖурнал