Translated title of the contribution: Voltammetric determination of ethyl nitrite

Valentina A. Popova, Anna A. Krivosheina, Elena I. Korotkova

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The possibility of voltammetric determination of ethyl nitrite on a graphite electrode modi-fied with carbon ink was investigated and described in this study. The physicochemical character-istics of the oxidation process of the compound were studied. A nonlinear dependence of the oxi-dation current of S2N5ONO on the scan rate was obtained. This indicates the absence of adsorption on the surface of the electrode. The dependence of the peak current on v1/2 and the dependence of the potential of the ethylnitrite oxidation peak on log(v1/2) are linear, indicating that the process is irreversible. The electrochemical behavior of ethyl nitrite on a graphite electrode modified with carbon ink, using voltammetry, has been studied. The effect of various factors on the anode signal of alkylnirite was shown: pH, time and potential of accumulation, potential scan rate. Oxidation of C2H5ONO strongly depends on the pH of the background electrolyte and when the pH is shifted to a neutral and alkaline medium, the current decreases as the number of protons is not sufficient to oxidize nitrite. The maximum current for the electro-oxidation of ethyl nitrite was obtained in an acidic environment. A universal Britton-Robinson buffer solution with pH 4.02 was used as a back-ground electrolyte. The working conditions for the determination of ethyl nitrite in model media were selected: pH 4.02; Eacc 0.4 V; tacc 4.0 s; v = 100 mV[bullet operator]s-1. The linear regression equation of ethyl nitrite was obtained at a potential of 1 V, in the range of concentrations of 1-10[bullet operator]10-6 mol[bullet operator]l-1. The detec-tion limit was 3.8[bullet operator]10-7 mol[bullet operator]l-1. Thus, a simple and rapid method for the determination of ethyl nitrite with high sensitivity has been developed.

Translated title of the contributionVoltammetric determination of ethyl nitrite
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)9-12
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Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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