Two-dimensional problem of natural convection in a rectangular domain with local heating and heat-conducting boundaries of finite thickness

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Time-dependent natural convective heat transfer in a closed rectangular domain with heat-conducting boundaries of finite thickness is investigated numerically in the case of local heating on the inner side of the vertical wall. Convection-radiation heat transfer takes place on one of the outer boundaries of the solution domain. The inhomogeneous temperature distribution in the gas cavity is clearly manifested when the Grashof number Gr > 10 6. Circulation flows can be distinguished in various zones of the solution domain on the basis of the numerical investigations carried out. These flows are due to the effect of the heat-release source, the propagation of perturbations induced by elements of the rigid wall, and the dynamics of conductive heat transfer in the solid material. The scales of the effect of the Grashof number on the hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics are indicated.

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JournalFluid Dynamics
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2006



  • Closed rectangular domain
  • Heat-conducting rigid walls
  • Local heat-release source
  • Time-dependent natural convective heat transfer

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