Thermal decomposition and oxidation of coal processing waste

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To expand the database of kinetic parameters used for modeling the ignition of coals and their processing waste, promising coal-water slurry and coal-water slurry containing petrochemicals, studies have been performed on an experimental set-up using thermal gravimetric analysis. The research into coals of various ranks (flame, gas, coking, low-caking, and non-baking) and their processing waste (filter cakes) has yielded the decomposition parameters of the organic matter of coal and the formation of volatile substances as well as the oxidation parameters of the coke residue of all the coals and filter cakes under study. The studies cover the temperature range of the burning processes: 450-1300 K (for low-, medium-, and high-temperature burning modes). We have ascertained the dependence of kinetic parameters (pre-exponential factor and activation energy) describing the thermal decomposition of the organic matter of coal on the rank of coals and filter cakes. The findings show that the kinetic parameters describing the thermal decomposition of the organic matter of coal and its processing waste are practically the same. The thermokinetic parameters of coke residue oxidation are close for all the coals under study but they differ significantly for coke residue of filter cakes. The values of thermokinetic parameters obtained in the research are necessary to devise adequate physical and mathematical models and perform numerical studies (for mathematical modeling) of fuel slurry combustion processes in the combustion chambers of power plants.

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JournalThermal Science
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Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Coal processing waste
  • Coal water slurry containing petrochemicals
  • Ignition
  • Oxidation
  • Thermal decomposition
  • Thermokinetic constants

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