Theories, hypotheses of hydrothermal rockhorehformation and reality: Facts and arguments

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The relevance of the research is caused by the necessity to introduce the clarity into hydrothermal rock-, ore-formation theories and hypotheses in which some natural facts are not joined. The main aim of the study is to prove scientifically the theses excepting and/or supplementing deductions following from the theories and hypotheses, based on the well-known and new empiric data. The methods used in the study: investigation of the gas-fluid inclusions in hydrothermal minerals homogenization, diagnostics and re- construction of the succession of mineral complexes formation and minerals in its composition, petrologic-geochemical scientific research of the near-ore (ore-containing) metasomatic haloes and intradake apodolerite metasomatites formed in crystalline and blackshale substratum in hydrothermal gold deposits, investigation of the spatiallyoral and causally-investigatory correlations of the metasomatic rocks and ore-mineral complexes with regional metamorphism and magmatism derivatives in gold-ore regions, comparative analysis of metasomatic rocks and ore-formation in crystalline substratum and black-shale series. The results. In perfection of the metasomatic processes theory it is necessary to take into account as real natural phenomena: 1) pulse regime of fissure-pore rock-fluid systems functioning, differently portional off and on entrance of hydrothermal, including metal-bearing, ore-forming solutions, in the region of rock-ore-formation; 2) the stagnant regime not only, in accordance with the theory, of pore but also of fissure fluids in common hydraulic constrained fissure-pore rocs-fluid systems of metasomatic rock-ore formation; 3) contrary components diffusion, from fissure solutions into pore, and not only in reverse direction, which complicates mineral zoning of the near-fissure metasomatic haloes, stipulated by differential mobility of the components and, consequently, polymineral, but not monomineral, in accordance with theory, composition of their rear and adjacent zones; 4) mobility (migratory ability) of P, Ti, Al, considered in theory inert attached under any conditions, and accumulation of femophylic elements K, P, Ti, Mg, Fe, Ca, Mn association contrasting anomalies in near-ore (ore-containing) metasomatic haloes in the rear zones in ore-controlling and ore-bringing deep faults neighboring frame (down to 1,0,1,5 km). Following facts: 1) accessory of near-ore altered rocks to peculiar in crystalline substratum combination of propilite and berisite metasomatic formations but not to derivatives of regional metamorphism of green slate facies; 2) subclark level of to-ore gold contents in black shales containing the unique (Sukhoi Log) and large (Verninskoe, Chertovo Koryto and other) deposits, it is established by the author in many deposits by means of realization of petrologic-geochemic investigation technology; 3) geologic-material-genetic uniformity of the deposits formed in black shales terranes with magmatogenous deposits located in crystalline substratum, are not joined in metamorphogenetic hydrothermal hypothesis of gold deposit formation in black-shale series. The paper introduces the investigation results, which prove, in contrast to other granitogenous, metamorphogenous, polygenous, the formation of mesothermal gold deposits in black shale and crystalline substratum in composition of antidromic specialized on gold fluid-ore-magmatic granite-diorite-dolerite complexes on the late basaltoid stage of their functioning.

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JournalBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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