The semantic field of physical constituent within deviation category in english

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Objectives: This article deals with the semantic field of biological part of physical aspect within deviation category. Methods/Analysis: All the information about the language expression means is classified in accordance with the elements distinguished in the semantic field of the above mentioned mental unit. The biological component of physical origin is presented as the semantic field with the core, near periphery and distant periphery. Findings: The core of this constituent is formed by means of special medical terms describing illnesses. This part includes the list of the official names of medical terms that are classified by WHO, the terms that belong to the neutral-bookish style class of words denoting some physical ailments, the third component of the core includes the words that are considered as the words meaning the physical aberrations and they are of neutral-bookish style too. The near periphery of physical component stands as the semantic frame with the words denoting informal style, the distant periphery is occupied by the words that are used as the euphemisms in the language. On the basis of this research the new Concise English-Russian Dictionary of Biological Deviations that includes mental and physical ailments and all the words of semantic domain within deviation has been published. Novelty/Improvement: The author uses two new terms "border-line word" and "trans-segment word" to denote some linguistic peculiarities of the words functioning in several frames of the mental unit.

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JournalIndian Journal of Science and Technology
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 2016


  • Biological Component
  • Border-Line Words
  • Category
  • Deviation
  • Physical Constituent
  • Semantic Field
  • TransSegment Words

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