The effect of gas and water droplet temperature on characteristics of water-droplet deformation at moderate velocities of droplet movement

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An experimental study has been performed on the effect of the temperature of gas and water droplets (3–6 mm in size) on deformation of water droplets that move with a moderate velocity (up to 5 m/s). A high-speed videocamera (recording at up to 105 fps) and a cross-correlation videocomplex were used. The droplet temperature varied in the range of 285–360 K. For gaseous mediums, air at a temperature of 280–300 K and condensed substance combustion products at a temperature about 1100 K were used. Typical deformation cycles were found. Their length, duration, and amplitude were calculated. The time a shape of droplet transforms into a new shape and the time the droplets retain their shape as they move through a gas medium have been determined. Approximating correlations for the basic characteristic of deformation under various heating or cooling conditions in a water droplet–gas system were derived.

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JournalTheoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2016



  • cooling
  • deformation
  • droplets
  • gaseous medium
  • heating
  • motion

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