The deviation coefficient of crystalline nanoceramics structure from thermodynamically equilibrium state

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By XRD analysis of YSZ nanopowders and ceramics sintered from them it was shown that relative crystallite microstresses vary inversely as sizes of the area of coherent scattering with some coefficient of proportionality k. Physically coefficient k is a value of actual change of the average crystallite size ΔdACS under microstresses action of crystallite having the certain defective substructure in a material existing in a stable state. The difference between the coefficient k and calculated value of the Δd ACS reflects a deviation degree of the examined matter structure from thermodynamically equilibrium state, and may be considered as parameter of efficiency of technological processing conditions. The modulus of | k -ΔdACS | was minimal for the structural zirconia ceramics sintered at optimum temperature and having the maximum mechanical characteristics.

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JournalKey Engineering Materials
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Publication statusPublished - 2004



  • Apparent Crystallite Size
  • Equilibrium State
  • Nanoceramics
  • Optimal Processing
  • Relative Microstresses

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