Study of titanium dioxide photocatalytic properties by decomposition of methylene blue (C16H18N3SCl) aqueous solution

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The photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide obtained by plasmodynamic synthesis technology have been studied in this work. The study is carried out by measuring changes in the optical density of a methylene blue solution whose decomposition took place under the action of a nanodisperse titanium dioxide in sunlight. The result we have obtained is that the addition of titanium nitride in dioxide shifts the photocatalysis zone to a visible spectral range without any requirement for nitriding the very titanium dioxide with the formation of complex oxynitrides. This makes it possible to considerably simplify the technology in the future. However, a substantial increase in synthesized titanium nitride quality is needed for the photocatalysis process to proceed gradually.

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JournalNanotechnologies in Russia
Issue number5-6
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2016


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