Research of influence of variant part of educational program of an engineering university on students’ self-determination promotion

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The analysis concerning the intention of the youth (aged 16-25) to self-determination referring to their age bracket is carried out. The conditions contributing to the early initiation of their vigorous activity are considered. The practicability and reasonability to include innovative educational services in the basic educational syllabus are demonstrated. The content of standardized variant training syllabus for engineering universities called “Social and economic adaptation of the youth to business architecture-building environment” is proposed. The distinctive feature of this syllabus is its convergence and the organization of training in the chain like way “instructor (lecturer)-student-pupil”, whose chain links are in close collaboration and interaction. The importance of the business - incubator in the construction of scientific-educational and professional trajectory of the students is discussed. The outcomes of the training in accordance with this syllabus based on the business - incubator are presented.

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