Release of Ni from NiTi substrates covered with a protective calcium phosphate coating deposited by rf-magnetron sputtering

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According to the data presented in Figure 2, the average Ni release rate from an uncoated NiTi substrate was 7.3 ng cm -2 d -1 and for a coated NiTi substrate 0.8 ng cm -2 d -1. Therefore, the Ni release from a coated sample was 9 times smaller than that from an uncoated one. Different preparation techniques for the calcium phosphate coating (plasma atmosphere, Figure 2) did not have a significant influence. We therefore conclude that the main reason is that all coatings are continuous, well adhered and pore-free. We tentatively ascribe the small Ni release from coated NiTi samples to the fact that their edges were not fully covered with a protective coating.

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