Recent progress in hard nanocomposite coatings - Part 2

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Several advancements that have undergone in the hard nanocomposite coatings are discussed. The DNG/AM nanocomposite coatings can be created in two ways that includes the creation of nanograins dispersed in the amorphous matrix during coating deposition and post-deposition nanocrystallization of the amorphous material. The most significant feature of DNG/AM nanocomposite coatings is the fact that already a very low (≤I at.%) amount of the element added into the amorphous material results in the enhanced and/or unique property of the base material. The nanograins can consist of different number of atoms added in the amorphous matrix. The size of nanograins decreases with increasing distance between nanograins and changes in the distance between nanograins strongly influence the interaction between nanograins that result in significant changes of properties of the X-ray amorphous (XRA) coatings.

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