Vlastnosti pevných a pastových amalgámových pracovních elektrod odlišné od elektrod z kovové rtuti

Translated title of the contribution: Properties of solid and paste amalgam electrodes which are different from metal mercury electrodes

Bogdan Yosypchuk, Jiří Barek

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Depending on the mercury-to-metal ratio, a liquid, paste or solid amalgam is formed. Solid and paste electrodes are more reliable and more convenient in analytical practice where manipulation with the working electrode is necessary (flow-through systems, mobile laboratories, methods based on accumulation of an analyte in one solution and measurements in another). Paste and solid amalgam working electrodes can be properly modified and/or can contain metals which interact with analyte in a different way than mercury. These characteristics of amalgam electrodes make their electrochemical applicability wider. Amalgam electrodes allow in many cases not only to substitute hanging mercury drop electrode but also offer new approaches which cannot be realized with mercury electrodes.

Original languageCzech
Pages (from-to)284-290
Number of pages7
JournalChemicke Listy
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2009
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  • Pastový amalgám
  • Pevný amalgám
  • Pracovní elektroda
  • Voltametrie

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