Prediction of resourse base increase of catalytic dewaxing by a mathematical modeling method

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Climatic conditions in Russia generate a great need for high-quality waxy diesel fuels. To solve this problem it was proposed to increase the resource base of a catalytic dewaxing process for production of winter and arctic marks of diesel fuels by adding a middle fraction of (C14-C20) hydrocarbons using a method of mathematical modeling. The paper presents the method for selection of this particular faction. The mathematical model was evaluated and its value was assessed. The assumptions were confirmed by the calculations which showed that the resource base can be extended by addition of (C14-C20) n-paraffins into a paraffin extraction unit. And, it will improve the potential of hydrocarbons usage in an enterprise and increase the production of winter and arctic marks of diesel fuels in the catalytic dewaxing unit.

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JournalPetroleum and Coal
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2017



  • Catalytic dewaxing
  • Diesel fuel
  • Low-temperature characteristics
  • Mathematical model

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