Planning and implementation of the process aimed at teaching English to adult learners

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The paper deals with a compositional analysis of the adult educator and the adult learner activities intended for acquisition of the English language. Such activities as planning and implementation have been chosen among the others since their role in teaching adult learners is often underestimated despite that adult learners are willing to actively participate in all planning activities related to their own education and they can contribute a lot to the learning process. Participation of adult learners in planning is of paramount importance because adult learners have individual educational needs, their personal experience and level of competence are exceptionally diverse, the social-psychological factors and conditions of learning (time, spatial, life, social) are different compared to school-aged learners. Therefore, their social and professional experience must be taken into account throughout the educational process. In the article, the principles of education for adult learners have been revealed. It has become common knowledge that adult learners are independent, self-directed; they bring experiences and self-awareness to learning, accumulate social and professional experience, they are internally motivated and self-directed, their motivation is determined by aspiration for solving vital problems and achieving particular goals by means of learning. Thus, the adult educator must be aware of the principles before he/she turns to planning and implementation stages.

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  • Adult educator
  • Adult learner
  • Implementation
  • Learning process
  • Planning
  • Principles of adult education

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