Петрохимическая характеристика кор выветривания ольховскочибижекского района

Translated title of the contribution: Petrochemical characterization of weathering crusts of Olkhovskchibizhek district

Irina V. Martynenko, Valery G. Voroshilov, Timofey V. Timkin, Mansour Ziaii

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The relevance of the research is defined by the need to expand and strengthen the resource potential of the gold mining industry. The aim of the study is to obtain new information about the structure, zonality, mineral composition of weathering crusts of Olkhovsk Chibizhek district and to define the geochemical criteria that contribute to concentration of gold mineralization. Objects: residual and redeposited weathering crust of kaolinite and hydromicakaolin composition from OlkhovskChibizhek area (East Sayan). According to the occurrence, there are linear and linearly areal types of weathering crusts, mainly goldbearing, within the area. Research methods include quantitative determination of the main rockforming elements of the weathering crust by Xray fluorescence analysis using energy dispersive xray fluorescence microscope (HORIBA XGT7200). The weathering coefficients were used to charac terize weathering crust formation and its quantitative evaluation. The analysis of the rockforming elements distribution across the we athering crust with potential goldbearing horizon determination was performed. Research results. It was found that the residual and redeposited weathering crusts are widely spread within OlkhovChibizhek district. The residual weathering crusts of the CretaceousPaleogene age are developed on felsic and intermediate rocks of the Olkhovsk com plex and on carbonate formation of the Chibizhek suite. They are represented by linear and linearareal morphological types. The wea thering products are composed of clay, sandclay and grussgravel material, with a predominance of finedispersed clay fraction. They are intensely limonitized and carbonized. Composition of the residual weathering crust belongs to the kaolinite and kaolinitehydromice type. Weathering crust profile is characterized by the development of a complete profile, which has grussdetrital, montmorillonitehy dromica and ochrekaolin zone. As a result, the mineral composition peculiarities of the weathering crust of OlkhovChibizhek district are studied; mineralogical and petrochemical features of residual weathering crust are characterized. The nature of the weathering ratios change and characteristics of gold distribution across a vertical section are established. Geochemical criteria for gold accumulation in the products of the weathering crust are defined. High contents of gold are confined to the lower part of the upper ochrekaolin zone with high values of the ferritization, allitization and oxidation coefficients, and minimum values of the leaching coefficient. Conversely, low content of gold is typical for less weathered rocks with low values of ferritization, allitization and oxidation coefficients.

Translated title of the contributionPetrochemical characterization of weathering crusts of Olkhovskchibizhek district
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)136-144
Number of pages9
JournalBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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