Oolitic ores in the Bakchar iron-ore cluster (Tomsk Oblast)

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Oolitic iron ores are typified, and their morphology and composition are studied. Special attention is focused on the character of distribution of valuable and harmful admixtures and determination of the principal minerals concentrating these elements. As a result of this study, three types of ores are identified, such as “loose” ores, cemented ores with glauconite–chlorite–clay cement, and well-cemented ores with siderite cement. The morphology and composition of the ore oolites are characterized. The forms of occurrence of calcium phosphates (anapaite) and phosphates of rare-earth elements (monazite, cularite) that are related to the harmful phosphorus admixture are described. According to the analysis of the elemental composition, the fractions of (–1…+0.2) and (–1…+0.1) mm in the western and eastern segments, respectively, may be promising for processing.

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JournalDoklady Earth Sciences
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2016

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