On the 'expanded local mode' approach applied to the methane molecule: Isotopic substitution CH 2D 2 ←CH 4

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On the basis of a compilation of the expanded local mode model and the general isotopic substitution theory, sets of simple analytical relations between different spectroscopic parameters (harmonic frequencies, ω λ, anharmonic coefficients, x λμ, ro-vibrational coefficients, α λ βdifferent kinds of Fermi- and Coriolis-type interaction parameters) of the CH 2D 2 molecule are derived. All of them are expressed as simple functions of a few initial spectroscopic parameters of the mother, CH 4, molecule. Test calculations with the derived isotopic relations show that, in spite of a total absence of initial information about the CH 2D 2 species, the numerical results of the calculations have a very good correlation both with experimental data, and results of ab initio calculations.

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JournalMolecular Physics
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  • deuterated methanes
  • isotopic relations
  • local mode model
  • rotational and vibrational parameters

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