Numerical study of the influence of the technological parameters on the composition and stressed-deformed state of a coating synthesized under electron-beam heating

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A model for the synthesis of a substrate-based coating under heating by a moving energy source typical for electron-beam treatment has been suggested and analyzed. It has been taken into account that the condensed-phase chemical conversions are accompanied by volume changes and mechanical stresses and deformations in addition to those caused by high temperature gradients. It has been assumed that the correlations between the components of stress and deformation tensors satisfy the Duhamel-Neumann equation. The distributions of temperature and the element and compound concentrations, and well as the tensor components for stresses and deformations accompanying the process of synthesis, have been determined at different time moments. It has been shown that it is principally important for the determination of possible synthesis regimes and the synthesized coating composition to take into account the interlinked character of the physicochemical and mechanical processes.

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JournalTheoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2010



  • Electron-beam treatment
  • Modeling
  • Solid-phase chemical conversions

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