Numerical investigation of water droplets shape influence on mathematical modeling results of its evaporation in motion through a high-temperature gas

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The numerical investigation of influence of a single water droplet shape on the mathematical modeling results of its evaporation in motion through high-temperature gases (combustion products of a typical condensed substance) has been executed. Values of evaporation time, motion velocity, and distance passed by various droplet shapes (cylinder, sphere, hemisphere, cone, and ellipsoid) in a high-temperature gases medium were analyzed. Conditions have been defined when a droplet surface configuration affects the integrated characteristics of its evaporation, besides temperature and combustion products concentration in a droplet trace, insignificantly. Experimental investigations for the verification of theoretical results have been carried out with using of optical diagnostic methods for two-phase gas-vapor-liquid flows.

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Article number920480
JournalMathematical Problems in Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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