Narrow structure in the excitation function of η photoproduction off the neutron

D. Werthmüller, L. Witthauer, I. Keshelashvili, P. Aguar-Bartolomé, J. Ahrens, J. R M Annand, H. J. Arends, K. Bantawa, R. Beck, V. Bekrenev, A. Braghieri, D. Branford, W. J. Briscoe, J. Brudvik, S. Cherepnya, B. Demissie, M. Dieterle, E. J. Downie, P. Drexler, L. V. Fil'KovA. Fix, D. I. Glazier, D. Hamilton, E. Heid, D. Hornidge, D. Howdle, G. M. Huber, I. Jaegle, O. Jahn, T. C. Jude, A. Käser, V. L. Kashevarov, R. Kondratiev, M. Korolija, S. P. Kruglov, B. Krusche, A. Kulbardis, V. Lisin, K. Livingston, I. J D Macgregor, Y. Maghrbi, J. Mancell, D. M. Manley, Z. Marinides, M. Martinez, J. C. McGeorge, E. F. McNicoll, V. Metag, D. G. Middleton, A. Mushkarenkov, B. M K Nefkens, A. Nikolaev, R. Novotny, M. Oberle, M. Ostrick, B. Oussena, P. Pedroni, F. Pheron, A. Polonski, S. N. Prakhov, J. Robinson, G. Rosner, T. Rostomyan, S. Schumann, M. H. Sikora, D. Sober, A. Starostin, I. Supek, M. Thiel, A. Thomas, M. Unverzagt, D. P. Watts

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The photoproduction of η mesons off nucleons bound in H2 and H3e has been measured in coincidence with recoil protons and recoil neutrons for incident photon energies from threshold up to 1.4 GeV. The experiments were performed at the Mainz MAMI accelerator, using the Glasgow tagged photon facility. Decay photons from the η→2γ and η→3π0 decays and the recoil nucleons were detected with an almost 4π electromagnetic calorimeter combining the Crystal Ball and TAPS detectors. The data from both targets are of excellent statistical quality and show a narrow structure in the excitation function of γn→nη. The results from the two measurements are consistent, taking into account the expected effects from nuclear Fermi motion. The best estimates for position and intrinsic width of the structure are W=(1670±5) MeV and Γ=(30±15) MeV. For the first time precise results for the angular dependence of this structure have been extracted.

Original languageEnglish
Article number232001
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - 4 Dec 2013

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