Modification of charge density wave fluctuations by charge perturbations

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Spectral density of fluctuations of the CDW phase are calculated taking into account electric field induced by phase fluctuations. The approach based upon the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT) combined with equations of linear response of the CDW conductor is used. Fluctuating electric field is found to suppress fluctuations of the phase, while fluctuations of the electric potential are sizeable. This suggests that transition from the CDW to the normal state (which is usually observed well below the mean-field transition temperature) may be provoked by fluctuations of the chemical potential, rather than by destruction of the CDW coherence between conducting chains due to phase fluctuations.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationJournal De Physique. IV : JP
EditorsS. Brazovskii, N. Kirova, P. Monceau
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2002
EventInternational Workshop on Electronic Crystals - ECRYS 2002 - Saint Flour, France
Duration: 2 Sep 20027 Sep 2002


OtherInternational Workshop on Electronic Crystals - ECRYS 2002
CitySaint Flour

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