Methodology of physical mesomechanics as a basis for model construction in computer-aided design of materials

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The basic theses concerning the methodology of physical mesomechanics considered in this review show that a deformable solid can be represented as a microlevel system of self-consistent deformation structural elements of different scales. The law of scale invariance allows us to describe the behavior of very different materials under different loading conditions based on the element base for the scale levels of a deformable solid. The motion of volume structural elements of the deformation is described by the equations of mechanics (mesolevel and macrolevel), accommodation processes within the SEDs and on their boundaries — dislocation theory (microlevel). We have formulated an algorithm for construction of models for such multilevel systems which can be used in computer-aided design of materials. Examples of the classification of different structural materials have been presented based on the proposed algorithm. This work was done with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project No. 9301-16498.

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