Method for estimating solar radiation energy for photovoltaic plants

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Relevance of the research is caused by the need for objects autonomous electrification of oil and gas transport system. The aim of the research is to develop the calculation method for solar energy, used by autonomous photovoltaic plants, which allows increasing the accuracy of insolation modeling in design of autonomous power systems with photovoltaic power. Using the technique will allow simulating effectively all the elements of autonomous photovoltaic plant in a daily cycle with one hour sampling interval. Methods. Method of assessing solar energy is based on the use of software packages: PVsyst, Excel, NASA meteorological data, Mete-onorm. Results. The authors have proposed the method of determining solar radiation energy potential, based on the use of PVsyst software system and the "typical day" concept for obtaining the hour of the solar radiation power typical for each month of the year. This tech-nique has great potential for research specific area solar insolation; in particular it can be used for optimization the elements interaction of autonomous hybrid systems, such as solar-diesel (PV-genset). One hour sampling interval will allow most effectively assessing the extent of solar energy penetration in the total load curve. Based on these results it will be possible to plan in advance, the diesel power loading degree, and thus the amount of fuel consumed for the reference period. This in its turn will allow planning the amount of dies-el fuel supply to a specific area. Testing this method on a real photovoltaic plant shown its reasonable accuracy, characterized by a 10 %relative error, at annual electricity production.

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JournalBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2017


  • "Typical day"
  • Meteonorm
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • PVsyst
  • Software system
  • Solar irradiance

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