Measurement of the tensor analyzing powers T20 and T21 in elastic electron-deuteron scattering

D. M. Nikolenko, H. Arenhövel, L. M. Barkov, S. L. Belostotsky, V. F. Dmitriev, M. V. Dyug, R. Gilman, R. J. Holt, L. G. Isaeva, C. W. De Jager, E. R. Kinney, R. S. Kowalczyk, B. A. Lazarenko, A. Yu Loginov, S. I. Mishnev, V. V. Nelyubin, A. V. Osipov, D. H. Potterveld, I. A. Rachek, R. Sh SadykovYu V. Shestakov, A. A. Sidorov, V. N. Stibunov, D. K. Toporkov, V. V. Vikhrov, H. De Vries, S. A. Zevakov

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The tensor analyzing power components T20 and T21 were measured in the momentum transfer region of 8.4-21.6 fm-. The deuteron charge form factors GC and GQ were extracted from the data and A and B data in an important range of momentum transfer. Comparison with several theoretical predictions showed a preference for relativistic calculations in describing the whole data set.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2003

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