Measurement of the beam asymmetry Σ for π0 and η photoproduction on the proton at Eγ=9 GeV

H. Al Ghoul, E. G. Anassontzis, A. Austregesilo, F. Barbosa, A. Barnes, T. D. Beattie, D. W. Bennett, V. V. Berdnikov, T. Black, W. Boeglin, W. J. Briscoe, W. K. Brooks, B. E. Cannon, O. Chernyshov, E. Chudakov, V. Crede, M. M. Dalton, A. Deur, S. Dobbs, A. DolgolenkoM. Dugger, R. Dzhygadlo, H. Egiyan, P. Eugenio, C. Fanelli, A. M. Foda, J. Frye, S. Furletov, L. Gan, A. Gasparian, A. Gerasimov, N. Gevorgyan, K. Goetzen, V. S. Goryachev, L. Guo, H. Hakobyan, J. Hardin, A. Henderson, G. M. Huber, D. G. Ireland, M. M. Ito, N. S. Jarvis, R. T. Jones, V. Kakoyan, M. Kamel, F. J. Klein, R. Kliemt, C. Kourkoumeli, S. Kuleshov, V. Lyubovitskij, GlueX Collaboration

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We report measurements of the photon beam asymmetry Σ for the reactions γ - p→pπ0 and γ - p→pη from the GlueX experiment using a 9 GeV linearly polarized, tagged photon beam incident on a liquid hydrogen target in Jefferson Lab's Hall D. The asymmetries, measured as a function of the proton momentum transfer, possess greater precision than previous π0 measurements and are the first η measurements in this energy regime. The results are compared with theoretical predictions based on t-channel, quasiparticle exchange and constrain the axial-vector component of the neutral meson production mechanism in these models.

Original languageEnglish
Article number042201
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 24 Apr 2017


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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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Al Ghoul, H., Anassontzis, E. G., Austregesilo, A., Barbosa, F., Barnes, A., Beattie, T. D., Bennett, D. W., Berdnikov, V. V., Black, T., Boeglin, W., Briscoe, W. J., Brooks, W. K., Cannon, B. E., Chernyshov, O., Chudakov, E., Crede, V., Dalton, M. M., Deur, A., Dobbs, S., ... GlueX Collaboration (2017). Measurement of the beam asymmetry Σ for π0 and η photoproduction on the proton at Eγ=9 GeV. Physical Review C, 95(4), [042201].