Lubricious behavior in CVD diamond/iron friction system at 25–700 ˚C

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In this paper, we focus on the comparison of the friction for the microcrystalline and ultrananocrystalline diamond films against steel and found the differences between the compositions of the formed lubricious layers. We have found that for the microcrystalline diamond Fe catalyzes a graphite-based lubricious layer while for the ultrananocrystalline diamond the lubricious layer is an amorphous carbon-based. Minimum value of the friction coefficient µ = 0.37 was found for microcrystalline film at 575 ± 25 ˚C.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)111-113
Number of pages3
JournalMaterials Letters
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2019


  • CVD diamond
  • Diamond friction coefficient
  • Lubricious behavior

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  • Materials Science(all)
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering

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