Low energy, high intensity metal ion implantation method for deep dopant containing layer formation

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This study describes the first results of high intensity macroparticle-free aluminum ion beam formation and its application to low ion energy implantation. A DC vacuum arc was used to produce aluminum plasma flow. A repetitively pulsed macroparticle-free high intensity aluminum ion beam was formed using a plasma immersion ion extraction combined with ion beam focusing. A very high current ion beam with the current up to 0.475 A at bias pulse duration of 4 μs and the pulse repetition rate of 105 pulses per second was obtained. Nickel substrates were irradiated by aluminum ions with very high current densities up to 100 mA/cm2 and accelerating voltages up to 2.1 kV. The maximum fluence of implantation reached 1.2 × 1021 ion/сm2. The results of the element composition of the modified layer were also investigated.

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JournalSurface and Coatings Technology
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  • Aluminum
  • High intensity ion beam
  • Intermetallic layers
  • Metal ion implantation
  • Nickel

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