Influence of the temperature dependence of the thermophysical properties of coal–water fuel on the conditions and characteristics of ignition

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The results of an experimental study and mathematical simulation of the ignition of coal–water fuel (CWF) particles, the main thermophysical characteristics of which (thermal conductivity (λ), heat capacity (C), and density (ρ)) depend on temperature, are reported. Based on the results of the numerical study, the influence of changes in the thermophysical properties upon the heating of the main bed of fuel on the conditions and characteristics of its ignition was analyzed. The ignition delay times (ti) of CWF particles were determined under the typical furnace conditions of boiler aggregates. As a result of the mathematical simulation of the process of CWF ignition, it was established that the temperature dependence of thermophysical characteristics can exert a considerable effect on the characteristics and conditions of ignition. In this case, it was found that the ignition of coal–water drops is possible under the conditions of their incomplete dehydration. A good agreement of the theoretical ignition delay times of the CWF particles and the experimental values of ti was established.

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