Influence of the interactions within the water - earth materials system on the formation of river water composition in the Ob basin

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Physicochemical calculations of the abundance of a number of minerals and organo-mineral compounds in the river waters of the Ob basin revealed that the river waters throughout a year are able to actively interact with bottom sediments and river loads. The most active interactions occur in areas and during periods with increased moduli of river flow. It is shown that the increase in concentrations of dissolved organic matter in the river waters, including in the case of waste water discharges, is limited to a relatively low solubility of a number of compounds of metals with carbonates and humic acids.

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JournalGeography and Natural Resources
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2009



  • chemical composition of river waters
  • formation of chemical composition of the river waters
  • interactions within the water - earth materials system
  • Ob river basin

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