Hybrid thorium energy producing subcritical stand with a fusion neutron source based on a magnetic trap

A. V. Arzhannikov, I. V. Shamanin, S. V. Bedenko, V. V. Prikhodko, S. L. Sinitsky, V. M. Shmakov, V. V. Knyshev, I. O. Lutsik

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The article presents computer-simulated neutron-physical processes occurring in a high-temperature gas-cooled thorium reactor for 30 different core loading options. To ensure the reactor reliable and long-term operation (for at least 7 years), the dispersed phase proportion and the fuel starting composition were selected. The parameters are given of a long magnetic trap with a high-temperature plasma, ensuring the generation of additional neutrons due to fusion reactions occurring in the plasma and due to (n, xn)-type reactions occurring on the outer surface of magnetic trap. It is also shown that it is principally possible to replace the near-axial region of the reactor core by a long magnetic trap with high-temperature plasma for the cases of D-D and D-T reactions. The spatial-energy distribution of the output of these neutrons on the outer surface of the magnetic trap has been obtained. The prospects of using a plasma D-T neutron source to modify the near-axial region of the reactor core are demonstrated. The considered reactor with a near-axial source of additional neutrons is designed to study the thermophysical and neutron-physical characteristics of the dispersive thorium-plutonium fuel in order to improve its properties. The obtained results are of interest in terms of advancing to future fusion power through the creation of a hybrid technology based on a thorium reactor with a source of additional neutrons in the form of a long plasma column. Calculation models were created using verified calculation program codes, including WIMS-D5B (ENDF/B-VII.0), MCU5TPU (MCUD 50), MCNP5 (ENDF/B-VII.0), Serpent 1.1.7 (ENDF/B-VII.0), and PRIZMA (ENDF/B-VII.I).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)43-54
Number of pages12
JournalIzvestiya Wysshikh Uchebnykh Zawedeniy, Yadernaya Energetika
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Nuclear fuel evolution
  • Plasma neutron source
  • Thorium hybrid reactor

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  • Nuclear Energy and Engineering

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