High resolution spectroscopic study of C2H4: Re-analysis of the ground state and ν4, ν7, ν10, and ν12 vibrational bands

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We report here the results of high accurate, (1 - 2) × 10 -4 cm -1, ro-vibrational analysis of the ethylene molecule in the region of 640-1535cm-1. More than 1110, 5060, 4670, and 2900 transitions belonging to the ν4, ν7, ν10, and ν12 bands were assigned in the experimental spectrum with the maximum values of quantum numbers Jmax./Kamax., equal to 36/11, 50/21, 40/17 and 48/17, respectively. Rotational and centrifugal distortion parameters of the ground vibrational state were improved on the basis of assigned transitions and high accurate saturated absorption experimental data known from the literature. The inverse spectroscopic problem was solved for the set of strongly interacting (v4=1)/(v7=1)/(v10=1)/(v12=1) states. The set of 78 parameters obtained from the fit reproduces values of 3644 initial "experimental" ro-vibrational energy levels (more than 13,740 assigned transitions of the ν4, ν7, ν10, and ν12 bands) with the rms=0.00023cm-1. In this case, the 197 high accurate saturated absorption transitions are reproduced with the rms=18.5kHz.

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JournalJournal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
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  • Ethylene
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  • Spectroscopic parameters

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