High current fast 100-ns LTD driver development in Sandia Laboratory

M. G. Mazarakis, W. E. Fowler, F. W. Long, D. H. McDaniel, C. L. Olson, S. T. Rogowski, R. A. Sharpe, K. W. Struve, A. A. Kim

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    During the last few years Sandia is actively pursuing the development of new accelerators based on the novel technology of Linear Transformer Driver (LTD). This effort is done in close collaboration with the High Current Electronic Institute (HCEI) in Tomsk, Russia, where the LTD idea was first conceived and developed. LTD based drivers are currently considered for many applications including future very high current Z-pinch drivers like ZX and IFE (Inertial Fusion Energy), medium current drivers with adjustable pulse length for ICE (Isentropic Compression Experiments), and finally relatively lower current accelerators for radiography and x-pinch. Currently we have in operation the following devices: One 500-kA, 100-kV LTD cavity, a 1-MVvoltage adder composed of seven smaller LTD cavities for radiography, and one 1-MA, 100-kV cavity. The first two are in Sandia while the latter one is still in Tomsk. In addition a number of stackable 1-MA cavities are under construction to be utilized as building blocks for a 1-MA, 1-MV voltage adder module. This module will serve as a prototype for longer, higher voltage modules, a number of which, connected in parallel, could become the driver of an IFE fusion reactor or a high current Z-pinch driver (ZX). The IFE requirements are more demanding since the driver must operate in rep-rated mode with a frequency of 0.1 Hz. In this paper we mainly concentrate on the higher current LTDs: We briefly outline the principles of operation and architecture and present a first cut design of an IFE, LTD z-pinch driver.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationDigest of Technical Papers-IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference
    Number of pages4
    Publication statusPublished - 2007
    Event2005 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, PPC - Monterey, CA, United States
    Duration: 13 Jun 200517 Jun 2005


    Other2005 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, PPC
    CountryUnited States
    CityMonterey, CA

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