Heat and mass transfer at gas-phase ignition of grinded coal layer by several metal particles heated to a high temperature

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Characteristics of gas-phase ignition of grinded brown coal (brand 2B, Shive-Ovoos deposit in Mongolia) layer by single and several metal particles heated to a high temperature (above 1000 K) have been investigated numerically. The developed mathematical model of the process takes into account the heating and thermal decomposition of coal at the expense of the heat supplied from local heat sources, release of volatiles, formation and heating of gas mixture and its ignition. The conditions of the joint effect of several hot particles on the main characteristic of the process–ignition delay time are determined. The relation of the ignition zone position in the vicinity of local heat sources and the intensity of combustible gas mixture warming has been elucidated. It has been found that when the distance between neighboring particles exceeds 1.5 hot particle size, an analysis of characteristics and regularities of coal ignition by several local heat sources can be carried out within the framework of the model of “single metal particle / grinded coal / air”. Besides, it has been shown with the use of this model that the increase in the hot particle height leads, along with the ignition delay time reduction, to a reduction of the source initial temperatures required for solid fuel ignition. At an imperfect thermal contact at the interface hot particle / grinded coal due to the natural porosity of the solid fuel structure, the intensity of ignition reduces due to a less significant effect of radiation in the area of pores on the heat transfer conditions compared to heat transfer by conduction in the near-surface coal layer without regard to its heterogeneous structure.

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JournalThermophysics and Aeromechanics
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2017


  • diffusion
  • gas-phase ignition
  • grinded coal
  • heat transfer
  • hot particle
  • volatiles

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