Gold in volcanic rocks

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The differences in mean Au levels in volcanites of varied composition and age are only minor: 2.2 to 5.2 ppb. Estimates have also been made of the mean level in effusives of various compositions for the Earth's crust as a whole: 3.7 ppb for basic, 3.3 for intermediate, 2.8 for acid, and 3.2 for subalkaline rocks. The Au levels fall in going from basic rocks to acid ones of Proterozoic, Early Paleozoic, Late Paleozoic, and Mesozoic ages, whereas the levels rise in Middle Paleozoic and Cenozoic ones. This confirms the relatively inert behaviour of gold in volcanic processes. Regional low-grade metamorphism has not substantially affected the gold redistribution in volcanites in ancient greenstone belts. -Journal summary

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