Geochemical types of natural waters in the interfluve of the Enzor'yakhi and the Yun'yakhi (eastern slope of the Polar Urals)

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Natural-water chemistry in the interfluve of the Enzor'yakhi and the Yun'yakhi rivers (the eastern slope of the Polar Urals) is characterized in terms of the ratios of major ions belonging to hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium and magnesium-calcium chemical types. From the viewpoint of evolution of the water-rock system in the region, five geochemical types of water were identified by the degree of their equilibrium with secondary minerals, reflecting different formation conditions of their chemistry. A specific feature of the region is the formation of waters of organogenic geochemical type, which are considerably enriched by organic matter, determining the specifics of migration of some chemical elements in such waters.

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JournalWater Resources
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  • geochemical types of waters
  • hydrogenic-mineral complexes
  • Polar Urals
  • tundra landscape
  • water-rock system

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