Geochemical features of pyrite in gold-ore deposits.

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The pyrite in the high-temperature quartz-gold ore associations and in the root parts of the orebodies is enriched in Mo, Ti, Cr, Co, Ni, V, As, U, and Th; that in the medium-temperature quartz-gold sulphide associations at the middle parts of the bodies has high contents of Au, Cu, Pb, and Zn, while the medium- to low-temperature associations and the upper parts of the orebodies show enrichment in Ag, Sb, Hg. The thermo-emf of pyrite varies regularly in space: along the dip and strike, the proportion of pyrite with electron conductivity increases. These properties that typify the mineral enable us to identify the zoning in deposits, the erosion levels, and the abundances of various types of ore at depth. -from Journal summary

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