Generation of high-power ultrashort electromagnetic pulses on the basis of effects of superradiance of electron bunches

N. S. Ginzburg, I. V. Zotova, I. V. Pegel, V. V. Rostov, V. G. Shpak, M. I. Yalandin

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One of the promising methods for generation of ultrashort electromagnetic pulses (with duration of about ten periods of high-frequency oscillations) is radiation from spatially localized electron ensembles (bunches), which can be considered a classical analog of Dicke superradiance known in quantum electronics. In classical electronics, superradiance can be related to various mechanisms of stimulated radiation. Until now, cyclotron, undulator, and Čerenkov (in the case of interaction with both copropagating and counterpropagating waves) superradiance of electron bunches as well as superradiance during stimulated scattering of a pump wave have been studied theoretically and experimentally. As a result of these studies based on high-current RADAN and SINUS accelerators and their modifications, a new class of oscillators producing pulsed electromagnetic radiation has been created. They have such unique characteristics as pulses of high peak power (up to 1 GW and 3 GW in the millimeter-and centimeter-wave ranges, respectively) and ultrashort duration (from 300 ps to 1 ns, respectively). In this case, regimes with a peak radiation power exceeding the electron-beam power are experimentally realized. Regimes with high (kilohertz) pulse repetition rate and high average power (up to 2.5 kW) are obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)762-779
Number of pages18
JournalRadiophysics and Quantum Electronics
Issue number10-11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2007
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