F(R) supergravity

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We review the F(R) supergravity recently proposed in Phys. Lett. B674(2009)59 and Class. and Quantum Grav. 26(2009)135006. Our construction supersymmetrizes popular f(R) theories of modified gravity in four spacetime dimensions. We use curved superspace of N=1 Poincaré supergravity in its minimal (2nd order) formulation so that our F(R) supergravity action is manifestly invariant under local N=1 supersymmetry. We prove that the F(R) supergravity is classically equivalent to the standard N=1 Poincaré supergravity coupled to a dynamical chiral superfield, via a Legendre-Weyl transform in superspace. A Kähler potential, a superpotential and a scalar potential of the chiral superfield are governed by a single holomorphic function. We find the conditions of vanishing cosmological constant without fine-tuning, which define a no-scale F(R) supergravity.

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