Formation of a microcomposite structure in the surface layer of yttrium-doped titanium

K. V. Sosnin, S. V. Raikov, V. E. Gromov, Yu F. Ivanov, E. A. Budovskikh, E. S. Vashchuk

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Surface layers containing oxides and carbides of titanium and yttrium are prepared by the electroexplosive doping of titanium with yttrium. The subsequent electron-beam irradiation leads to dispersion of the structure to a nano- and submicron state. The formation of two types of eutectics is revealed using scanning electron microscopy. The eutectics enriched in titanium and yttrium have a globular and plate-like shape, respectively. The formation of a modified surface layer (enriched in yttrium, carbides and oxides of titanium and yttrium) leads to a threefold increase in the microhardness of the titanium, a more than twofold decrease in the friction coefficient of the doped layer, and a more than 2.8-fold decrease in the wear rate.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)377-382
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Surface Investigation
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2015


  • electroexplosive doping with yttrium
  • electron irradiation
  • modified layer
  • titanium

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  • Surfaces, Coatings and Films

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