Features of distribution of the biomass of macrobenthos over the upper sublittoral zone of the Southeastern part of the Laptev Sea

A. Yu Gukov, P. Ya Tishchenko, I. P. Semiletov, V. V. Popov, S. A. Shapkin

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Studies into the macrobenthos biomass in the bottom biocenoses were performed in the sublittoral zone of the Laptev Sea. Macrobenthos is characterized by low values of population density (from 680 to 3440 ind./m2) and biomass (from 28.2 to 70.42 g/m2) and low species diversity (a total of 62 species was recognized). The spatial distribution of the macrobenthos biomass is mostly related to the ground type and the salinity. The macrobenthos biomass in the surface arctic water mass is significantly greater than in the biocenoses of estuarine-arctic water mass and tends to decrease at the depth of the interface of the water masses. The maximum biomass values were observed in the cores of the water masses.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1999
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